This setup is distor independent. All you need is cron to start the blockchain and the name resolver.

download namecoin and ncdns binaries for your linux distros:

extract namecoin to /opt/namecoin extract ncdns to /opt/ncdns

create new user e.g. ( useradd name )

mkdir /var/lib/namecoin chown name /var/lib/namecoin

crontab -e

@reboot    sudo -u <name> /opt/namecoin/bin/namecoind -datadir=/var/lib/namecoin -rpccookiefile=/var/lib/namecoin/rpc.cookie &
@reboot    sleep 20s; /opt/ncdns/bin/ncdns -service.uid $(id -u <name>) -ncdns.namecoinrpccookiepath /var/lib/namecoin/rpc.cookie &

Thats it, just reboot or exec it manualy!

to test it:

dig @localhost obermui.bit